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  • steven paolucci said:

    i was in the bar wednesday aug 03 and i handed my dining passport card from to the bartender. he proceeded to tell me that it was not good at pj ryans. i told him i used it before in this same bar. he said he never saw it and would not honor it. pj ryans is still one of the bars named in the web site (i checked when i went home). that episode cost me 15% discount. you should educate your help or don’t sign up to discount sites.

  • Been here twice and both time had BAD serive altough the food was VERY good!

    The bartender needs to have a little more background in Martinis it was the worst I had ever had.

  • Tyler Stergar said:

    I recently came to Phoenixville for the first time since I was a kid. I was very impressed with the entire town and especially with PJ Ryan’s. My fiance and I came in for dinner and drinks and sat at the smaller of 2 bars with Doug as our bartender. He was terrific and even suggested some other places in town to try while we were around. The food was great! We had hot roast beef and a hot italian pork which were both filling and delicious. I would suggest everyone go there and enjoy a terrific meal!

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