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  • this is by far the best place in phoenixville for food and drinks late night bands on the weekend or awsome prices are fair and they have grat spaces for private parties love it.

  • The atmosphere is great and there’s always a great band, but the food is mediocre. However, it’s definitely getting better! Try the boxtys or mac-and-cheese if you go!

  • I LOVE GUINNESS and they make a great POUR as Declan (deck-len) and Seamus (shay-mus)(owners) were born in Ireland!! They have an amazingly-crafted WOODEN BAR that wraps-around the first floor. The second floor is BEAUTIFUL TOO!! They have traditional irish fare, pastys etc. They have LIVE MUSIC OFTEN as well, including traditional CELTIC MUSIC on SUNDAYS!!!

  • rob loveland said:

    Love this place.The mood is fantastic and the Brit pop music is a throwback.Best of all the food is great and a very fair price.This is my go to place in Phoenixville!

  • Love the atmosphere and the fact they have a band every Friday and Saturday.

    If you’re having an Appetizer or dinner, food is very good, I haven’t had anything bad thus far. Although the fish and chips seem heavy on the oil or maybe it’s the batter??

    As for the deserts, I’ve had better.

    Then you have the Martinis and they need work!! If you ask for one that’s listed on their menu you’ll be OK, but if you try something not listed you might be sending it back like I’ve done. I’ve had one bartender there make an AMAZING lemon drop, all others fall WAY short! So I hesitate on drinking here.

  • Great atmosphere, great food. Just wish it was bigger. It’s always crowded. Love that you can eat outside.

  • The food here is really hit or miss. I've had more bad meals than good. Even the fish and chips weren't cooked properly one day at lunch time. There's plenty of better choices in town.

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