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  • i spent decades VISITING DINERS.
    ‘what a great place’ -as David Hebb would say.

    Hey you people that live in the greater philly-zone, GET TO THIS PLACE. It really rates. If ‘atmosphere’ enhances the food and the opportunity to spend your hard earned cash…
    This is an ESCAPE from both the ‘modern-retro diner’ (ok, but ‘yawn’..) and the hipster cafe-havens.

    Schuylkill trail, to 23 west, to intersection of Country Club.
    …what a destination!
    >great ‘hang out people’
    >great food.
    >a huge stone fireplace
    >a 1920s-1940’s counter with stools.
    >the doors to the restrooms? WILD. (huge barn doors)
    >history, tasty america-cuisine and comedy. all at once!

    (nobody paid me to write this, dude.
    I just stumbled on it on a bike tour. SCORE!)
    I can’t wait to return to this one. Go today!
    -David-Stephen, ‘diner king’.

  • “American run”? I don’t know for a fact, but I am pretty sure all of the local-ish diners are all run by Americans. I can’t say I have heard of company’s based overseas running diners around here. I like this place. The food is good. I am not a big fan of diner’s but I would go here again.

  • dennis dreibelbis said:

    the only american run family diner, breakfast and lunch in the phoenixville valley forge area, same ownership for 28 years, judge for yourself by going there once, you will go back

  • How decieving, from the street you would never imagine the amazing choices and tastes which are just on the other side of the door.

    Our book club which always meets for Brunch has made the G Lodge a recurring venue. They do not take reservations but the owner goes out of his way to make space for our group which is usually 6 – 8 and provides us delicious choices that include omelets, waffles and so so much more.

    The wait staff cannot do enough for you.

    If you go on a Sunday please know you will see a crowd but it is worth the wait.

    Great Food! Great People! Great Service! Enjoy.

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