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  • My wife and I had dinner at Franco Ristorante during the last 1st Friday of the season in October. Since it was our first time to the event, we didn’t know what to expect and were pleasently surprised. The Italian Salad was wonderful with all the different vegetables and fresh mozzarella and italian bread! The Pumpkin Cake was a nice finish to a great meal. We’re looking forward to 1st Friday starting again in the Spring! Give Franco Ristorante a try!

  • Donna Locke said:

    I LOVE this place the food is delicious, and all the people are like family. I feel like I’ve come home everytime I stop in for dinner and drinks. Looking forward to the warm weather when I can sit outside and enjoy the food and sites. Kudos Franco, Gail, Darlene and Sabrina! Always your friend :)

  • Franco is great! Why are they are listed as out of business?? I’m pretty sure they are still open!

  • This has to be the best italian food I have ever tasted. I will make this my first stop when eating out.. I suggest everyone to try Franco Ristorante.

    There drinks are excellent there is a new martini every week.

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